What is it?

A 4 yr programme of dance created for the following age groups:

  • 3yrs - 4yrs - Lafour Prima Dance 1
  • 4yrs - 5yrs - Lafour Prima Dance 2
  • 5yrs - 6yrs - Lafour Prima Dance 3
  • 6yrs - 7yrs - Lafour Prima Dance 4

The Lafour Prima Dance Syllabus is not affiliated to any dance organisation and therefore provides an independent teaching resource for dance educators in the public and private sector.

Who is it aimed at?

Dance teachers and early years educators.

What are the benefits for teachers?

A self contained resource unaffiliated to any dance organisation.

Enjoyable to teach, easy to use with specially commissioned inspiring music.

An internal evaluation and assessment procedure and therefore no payment to an external examining body.

No registration fee or annual subscription.

No necessity to attend training courses and therefore no additional costs incurred.

What are the benefits for children?

Syllabus content has been thoughtfully designed to engage the imagination and ensure that the emphasis in the learning process is on enjoyment.

Opportunity to develop free expression, acting skills and creative movement.

A clear understanding of good basic dance technique gained naturally through a logical progression of well devised movement exercises.

The inclusion of dance games, percussion and stagecraft games offers variety which retains children's interest and enthusiasm.

Enjoyable, happy music.

End of year evaluation and reward.

"I tried out your syllabus on my pre-school class last Saturday, and I must say they all loved it! Iíve never seen them as engrossed in anything before. It is just what Iíve been looking for."

Lafour Prima Dance Sample Movie (5'15")
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Lafour Prima Dance Promotional Podcast (31'07")
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