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Director - Mandy Fouracre B. Phil (Hons) LRAD

Personal Background
I graduated from the Royal Academy of Dance (London) in 1973 and have been teaching dance for over 30 years. During this time I have prepared hundreds of students for Royal Academy of Dance examinations. Travelling abroad as a result of my husband's work has meant frequently establishing new dance academies in a variety of locations. As a consequence my main focus and particular area of interest has been the teaching of dance to younger children.

In 1994 I founded The Mandy Fouracre Dance Academy (MFDA) in Accra, Ghana.

On return from Ghana in 1998, I was joint founder and co-director of Lafour Dance & Theatre Schools which established Dance Academies within Health & Fitness Clubs in the UK.

Since August 2005, I have become sole director of Lafour Theatre Schools and Lafour Prima Dance Ltd.

Why I developed the Lafour Prima Dance syllabus?
I observed that dance provision for the 3yr - 7yr age group required a fresh new look which focuses specifically on the needs of the 21st century young dancer.

Mandy Lafour

I also felt that many qualified, unqualified, registered and unregistered teachers of dance would welcome a prescriptive syllabus the effectiveness of which is more reliant on syllabus content than on personal interpretation and creativity.

How it worked in practice
Using the Lafour Prima Dance syllabus I have found that it has produced:

  • Happy children
  • Confident teachers
  • Capacity classes
  • Satisfied parents
  • Retention of students
  • Successful business
Lafour Class
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